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I want help for cakephp unit-testing and mocking objects in below scenario: 1.] I have one vendor file for which i want to make mock - (mock object for that file/class) and stub one of it's method. i.e. my vendor file is Vendor/Twitter and i want to make mock object of it in Test/Controller/UsersControllerTest.php file, and want to stub one of it's method named getPost() I have done below code but it not stubs the method :

$this->Twitter = getMock('Social\Twitter');

Please suggest how to exactly do it. Or suggest me how to exactly mock the vendor file (custom/third party class) in cakephp.

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You don't show your controller code or the test method - there isn't enough code/information to suggest anything. I've added the tags cakephp and phpunit so that at least there's a possibility of the question being seen by those who can help you. –  AD7six Jan 3 at 13:08

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