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I am using Oracle 11g in which I am passing file name to a function say

FUNCTION test(file_name IN XMLTYPE)

It accepts file name like <file1.xml/> but when I am passing file name as <123.xml/> then it is throwing Oracle type exception error. But if I pass file name starting with character again as <T123.xml/> then it is working fine.

Please tell me what need to do to process file name as <123.xml/>

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How are you calling the function, and exactly what error do you get? Please add the calling code and the whole error stack to the question. Why are you passing a file name as an XMLTYPE anyway, rather than as a string? –  Alex Poole Dec 24 '13 at 12:31

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<123.xml/> is not valid XML: tag names can't start with a digit (or a . or -). The Wikipedia article on XML has a good summary on well-formedness. The other two examples you posted are valid XML though, the tag names are well-formed.

Your use-case looks very strange though. If you want to pass a simple filename to that function, why don't you pass a plain string? If you do want to pass a filename encoded in an XML container, something like this would make more sense:

<file name="foo.bar"/>
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