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In TypeScript it is possible to declare a function with "Rest Parameters":

function test1(p1: string, ...p2: string[]) {
    // Do something

Suppose that I declared another function that called test1:

function test2(p1: string, ...p2: string[]) {
    test1(p1, p2);  // Does not compile

The compiler produces this message:

Supplied parameters do not match any signature of call target: Could not apply type 'string' to argument 2 which is of type 'string[]'.

How can test2 call test1 will the supplied arguments?

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There's no way to pass p1 and p2 to test1 from test2. But you could do this:

function test2(p1: string, ...p2: string[]): void {
    test1.apply(this, arguments);

That's making using of Function.prototype.apply and the arguments object.

If you don't like the arguments object or you don't want all the arguments passed in exactly the same order you can do something like this:

function test2(p1: string, ...p2: string[]) {
    test1.apply(this, [p1].concat(p2));
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comprehensive answer! –  basarat Dec 25 '13 at 12:33

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