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I'm facing an issue with a large amount of objects under the Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.Semantics namespace showing up on the heap.

We've speculated that this has something to do with the following piece of code:

if (m_DictionaryXXX.TryGetValue(participant.Id, out callback))
  //Some implementation using callback

TryGetValue is now treated as a dynamic expression. When debugging, we've noticed the thread calling TryGetValue hangs on the TryGetValue call.

It is important to note four things.

  • m_DictionaryXXX is a ConcurrentDictionary.
  • participant is a dynamic object, returned from an IEnumerable.
  • The dynamic object in itself is instantiated as an anonymous type.
  • On all dumps tested, GC heap size varies from 800-1100MB

Because of the body limitation on stackoverflow, please refer to the codetidy link below for more data, and windbg output.


Thanks in advance.

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