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I have a nested ressources and I created an external get to an alternative "Show" view, like that :

resources :teams do
  get "alternativeshow"
  resources :teammates

That gives me this url which is perfect :


and call the controller teams#alternativeshow

Inside teams#alternativeshow I want to set @team and @teammates just like in my regular #show

def show
 @team = current_crafter.teams.find(params[:id])
 @teammates = @team.teammates

but I can't figure out how. When I copy-paste show actions inside alternativeshow I got this error

Couldn't find Team without an ID

I noticed (without understanding why) in rake routes that :id becomes :team_id so I setted @team like this to make it work:

@team = current_crafter.teams.find(params[:team_id])

However I can't find how to have my teammates since the ressource is nested inside teams ? Is "get" the right way to do it ?

Thank you very much for your help !

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Try this,

resources :teams do
  resources :alternatives, only: [:show]
  resources :teammates

This should provide the team_id and id params in the alternatives#show


instead of a show action for @teammates in your alternatives#show, you'd want to use an index action to be able to get a collection, so you could add an index to the only: [:index, :show] call


alternativescontroller ...
  def index
    @team = Team.find(params[:team_id]
    @teammates = @team.teammates

All nested resource contollers methods follow this pattern

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Thank you for your answer! In fact I didn't mention that team has_many teammates. The url only have the card id (:id in crud and :card_id with get). I would like to be able to get all the teammates like "@teammates = @team.teammates" but don't know how to call teammates in controller. I tried resources only show but it renders a url like appname.com/teams/:team_id/alternative/:id. –  user3113259 Dec 24 '13 at 13:45
Once again, thank you ! It seems logical to use resources for rendering the alternativeshow and I thought about it before using get. Since I have 4 alternatives views, that means 4 controllers, that's the reason why I wanted to use get. But I think wrong I guess. If I use resources, It will search for /:id at the end of the url. Since I won't pass it, what is the :id at the end of the url for ? –  user3113259 Dec 24 '13 at 14:16
This is basic REST practices, a get with an :id will fetch a single resource, you want an index action, a get that fetches a collection, it will not require an :id –  TheIrishGuy Dec 26 '13 at 14:32

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