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I have a Numpy array consisting of a list of lists, representing a two-dimensional array with row labels and column names as shown below:

data = array([['','Col1','Col2'],['Row1',1,2],['Row2',3,4]])

I'd like the resulting DataFrame to have Row1 and Row2 as index values, and Col1, Col2 as header values

I can specify the index as follows:

df = pd.DataFrame(data,index=data[:,0]),

however I am unsure how to best assign column headers.

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@behzad.nouri's answer is correct, but I think you should consider if you cannot have the initial data in another form. Because now, your values will be strings and not ints (because of the numpy array mixing ints and strings, so all are casted to string because numpy arrays have to be homogeneous). – joris Dec 24 '13 at 15:54

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try this:

pd.DataFrame(data[1:,1:], index=data[1:,0], columns=data[0,1:])

edit: as in the @joris comment, you may need to change above to np.int_(data[1:,1:]) to have correct data type.

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