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I've just updated (yum update, using the official postgres 9.2 packages for RHEL in an amazon machine) postgis from 2.0 (that was working perfectly) to 2.1. Now all the libraries of postgis are still referring to the 2.0 version of it, every command i run outputs this error:

could not access file "$libdir/postgis-2.0": No such file or directory

in the lib folder for postgres, version 2.0 of the library has been deleted (by the upgrade) and replaced with version 2.1. THe problem is that, as said abobve, the libraries aren't updated with the new references. I've tried linking the old library with the new one, using the solution explained here Ubuntu 12.04, PostgreSQL-9.1 - Can't access $libdir/postgis-2.0 but without success.

I would like to keep updating postgis, and not downgrading to the 2.0.... Thanks a lot!

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