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I've a listener on cellClick, I get the selected Record but I can't find a way to understand if this record is checked

Method ListGrid.isSelected(ListGridRecord) returns true if row is selected, not if is checked

My Code:

            listGrid.addCellClickHandler(new CellClickHandler() {

                public void onCellClick(CellClickEvent event) {

                    if(event.getColNum() == 0 && idMenu != null){
                        boolean isChecked = event.getRecord().???;


I've tried also with event.getRecord().getAttributeAsBoolean("_checkField") with no success...

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Smartgwt is a little bit far away for me now but If I undestand well you use listGrid.setSelectionAppearance(SelectionAppearance.CHECKBOX); to say "Hey I would like to indicate the record I selected by checking a dedicated checkbox" No? so why wanting to know if the checkbox you checked is checked? But perhaps I misunderstood what you mean.... – Alain BUFERNE Dec 25 '13 at 18:06
Hi... thx for your reply... Cause I can also uncheck the record, unfortunately the listener is the same for check and uncheck event and I need to retrieve the correct check value to execute a task rather than other – Zoiderberg Dec 30 '13 at 10:56
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I found a simply solution...

My task is solved using a special boolean field in the DataSource named, for example, "checked" In ListGrid I've a field "checked", and with a RecordClickHandler I can manage check or uncheck event.

DataSource code:

DataSourceBooleanField checkField = new DataSourceBooleanField("checked");

ListGrid code:

listGrid.addRecordClickHandler(new RecordClickHandler() {

public void onRecordClick(RecordClickEvent event) {
                Record rec = event.getRecord();

                boolean checked = rec.getAttributeAsBoolean("checked");


                rec.setAttribute("checked", !checked);


        ListGridField checkField = new ListGridField("checked", "Sel");
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Maybe getSelectedRecords() method would help you!

Here is an API reference:

Definitely this will provide all records which are selected (using checkbox) but there should be some values which you could use for identifying each record uniquely!

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Finally i've used a Vector to save checked record and compare with new selection... with getSelectedRecords() I obtain an array of all records checked or only selected and this solution is deprecable cause i must do a for/while for each click to understand if my record become checked or unchecked... – Zoiderberg Feb 8 '14 at 15:07

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