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What is the difference between <%= %> syntax and <%# %> in asp.net?

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Here is a complete reference for all of these "inline tags," with links to MSDN for each type: http://naspinski.net/post/inline-aspnet-tags-sorting-them-all-out-(3c25242c-3c253d2c-3c252c-3c252c-etc).aspx

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Thanks for the link –  Ybbest Jan 16 '10 at 7:28

<%= %> is basically used for string while <%# %> is used for data binding. See following

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As compared to the <%= version, <%# is treated specially in parameters. It adds a data binding handler and sets the property at data bind time. That's why <%# does work in parameters and why it picks up the value at data bind time.

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