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Shouldn't og:type be website for the homepage and then article in this instance?

I'm building a discussion form and confused as to which type to use for the homepage and the discussion thread pages.

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Stackoverflow does not have a facebook app, so having the og:type of any page on stackoverflow does not matter.

The og:type is useful when you have a facebook app which creates open graph stories. So lets for example say that StackOverflow had a facebook app, and it created facebook stories when users interacted on the site. For example, "Hopstream asked a question on stack overflow" is a story created when you asked this question. For this to happen StackOverflow definitely needs og:type to be set as question, and an action on the type as ask. But since there is no facebook app, there is no point of having any og:type other than website.

The og:type of website is used when this page is shared as link, so website is good enough for StackOverflow.

Hope this helps.

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