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Can anyone please tell what's the exact differences between partial views and user controls in an MVC app? Which one is feasible to use? I am using user controls for filling my views which have one or more tabs(which i have added using Ajax control toolkit). I want to know about advantages/disadvantages while using partial views and user controls.

Thanks, Kaps

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I mostly agree with Ryan. However one point to consider though is that user controls have an implementation of events whereas partial views do not.



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What you said is one of the most important difference between them. Thanks for reminding that also. –  Tarik Jan 17 '10 at 7:16
in asp.net mvc is there any concept about event. if we work with user control then can we implement like event driven programming? –  Thomas Aug 22 '12 at 5:52

Partial Views and User Controls are basically the same thing. User Controls are just a way of distinguishing between regular Views and Partials. When you see the "Partial.ascx", it's immediately obvious that it's a Partial because the icon is different in Visual Studio.

There's nothing stopping you from using a regular *.aspx file as a Partial. In fact, some people do exactly this, and prefix their aspx Partial names with an underscore (ex: _UserStatus.aspx).

My personal preference is to use the ascx files instead because it's easier to tell that something is a partial at a glance.

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