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I got "DAX Error", "Unable to write to [path].INI file" for e Delphi COM (exe) Server in production. DAX Error on INI File

I searched and investigated a lot but didn't find any clear, concrete answer on 1st question:
What is DAX Error!?

2nd part: Error is related to write-action into INI file. I found that whenever it is working with INI file within our legacy application, it's used TiniFile class - encapsulator for INI-files WinAPIs.
Error message Unable to write to %s may be generated from this Delphi native code:

procedure TIniFile.WriteString(const Section, Ident, Value: string);
  if not WritePrivateProfileString(PChar(Section), PChar(Ident),
                                   PChar(Value), PChar(FFileName)) then
    raise EIniFileException.CreateResFmt(@SIniFileWriteError, [FileName]);

Some custom methods that operate on INI file are invoked via DCOM and in Windows system events DCOM error were observed for that period of time (only print screen, original events were lost). Also the same INI file is read/changed from C# shared DLL loaded into some windows/web-services.

Usually it works, but only in one case operator saw that application is frozen and these messages appeared.

Question2: What may be cause of INI file writing failure? May it be DCOM configuration (access rights?) or something else might cause this too?

OS: Windows Server 2003
INI file is not mapped in registry

I am thinking that problem shouldn't appear nor because of WriteString is invoked from multiple threads, since WritePrivateProfileString itself Locks/Unlocks file when writing (if believing to SysInternals Process Monitor), nor because file itself was read-only (it's not possible during night to change attribute for several seconds).
Any ideas, hint, links are welcome.

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Put madExcept in the process and get a stack trace –  David Heffernan Dec 24 '13 at 23:15
DAX is Delphi ActiveX and madExcept maybe won't help in this case –  Sir Rufo Dec 24 '13 at 23:21
GUYS who down-voted, PLEASE EXPLAIN ME WHY!??? Just for me.. for future.. to know what i put wrong! –  ALZ Dec 25 '13 at 5:37
@SirRufo, +1 for > "DAX is Delphi ActiveX", need more proofs :) ---- Once upon a time I played with madExcept, ans as far as I remember not so much capabilities to catch ActiveX exceptions (maybe I am wrong). madExcept has other "feature" - it's not free :) ----- Our legacy application has it own exception tracing mechanism (hook on kernel), unfortunately it wasn't enabled. ----- Anyway, thanks for suggestions. –  ALZ Dec 25 '13 at 5:48

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