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can someone please give me an example of how you detect if the iphone is moving left or moving right. like a long version of a shake i want my app to be able to know if the users arm is going right or left. imagine your hand like a window wiper with the phone at the end

any ideas?

Thanks, Sam :P

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That would be the acceleration.x value. Imagine 3 lines going through your iPhone:
1) a line perpendicular to your iPhone screen and going through it, that would be Z.
2) a horizontal and parallel line to your screen, that would be X (what you're looking for).
3) a vertical and parallel line to your screen, that would be Y.

So, moving the iPhone left or right will generate changes in the X graph. Moving the iPhone up or down will generate changes in the Y graph. Moving your iPhone forward or backward will generate changes in the Z graph.
Hope this helps you grasp the accelerometer's concept,
~ Natanavra.

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