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I am displaying list of files and everything relies on Bindings and IValueConverters. The problem is that icons generate slowly as also some data like MP3's ID3 tags which I extract with IValueConverter supplying it with a path to song.

Since I use Virtualization experience is horrible: on scroll files update one by one, and I would prefer ID3 tags to populate after all other IValueConverter have finished updating.

Is that possible?

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You should try to use Binding.IsAsync. From MSDN:

Use the IsAsync property when the get accessor of your binding source property might take a long time. One example is an image property with a get accessor that downloads from the Web. Setting IsAsync to true avoids blocking the UI while the download occurs.

While waiting for the value to arrive, the binding reports the FallbackValue, if one is available, or the default value of the binding target property.

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I already have IsAsync=true on all bindings but it stills refreshes files one by one. – Daniel Dec 25 '13 at 0:26

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