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I am trying to set text of a NSTextField from a different class..

This is what i have:


@interface Preferences : NSObject
IBOutlet NSTextField *selectionPointX;
@property (nonatomic, unsafe_unretained) IBOutlet NSTextField *dateTimeFormatPreview;

- (void)getSelection:(NSPoint)point :(NSSize)size;


Preferences.m (only what's needed)

#import "Preferences.h"

@implementation Preferences

NSUserDefaults *userDefaults = nil;

int cPx;
int cPy;
int cSw;
int cSh;

- (void)getSelection:(NSPoint)point :(NSSize)size{
    cPx = (int) point.x;
    cPy = (int) point.y;
    cSw = (int) size.width;
    cSh = (int) size.height;
    [self saveSelection];

- (void)saveSelection{
    NSPoint p;
    p.x = cPx;
    p.y = cPy;

    NSSize s;
    s.width = cSw;
    s.height = cSh;

    [userDefaults setObject:NSStringFromPoint(p) forKey:@"selectionPoint"];
        NSLog(@"Saved Window Position: X: %i Y: %i", cPx, cPy);

    [userDefaults setObject:NSStringFromSize(s) forKey:@"selectionSize"];
        NSLog(@"Saved Window Size: W: %i H: %i", cSw, cSh);
    [userDefaults synchronize];

    [selectionPointX setIntegerValue:cPx]; // selectionPointX is nil


I call getSelection from a different class, passing values to it.

In the Interface Builder, i have a NSObject with class Preferences, and from it i have connected the Outlet to the controller. But when debugging selectionPointX is nil and so not updating my TextField.

I'm new to objective-c so probably i'm doing it wrong. I have searched a lot but can't find a solution.

Any help appreciated, thank you.

EDIT: I think i have found the problem. Since i call the method from a different class, i create another instance of that class, and so all connections are not hooked up.

I did that:

Preferences *prefs = [[Preferences alloc] init];
[prefs getSelection:(NSPoint)wPos :(NSSize)wSize];

How i can call the same method, but using the current instance of Preferences that is loaded by the XIB?

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I have a LocalSettingsController which is similiar to what you want here. In order to use the same Preferences instance all the time implement the Singleton pattern. Here's the code:

@implementation LocalSettingsController

+ (id)alloc
    return self.sharedSettings;

+ (id)allocWithZone: (NSZone *)zone
    return self.sharedSettings;

+ (instancetype)sharedSettings
    static LocalSettingsController* singleton = nil;
    static dispatch_once_t onceToken;
    dispatch_once(&onceToken, ^{
        singleton = [[self localAlloc] localInit];

    return singleton;

- (id)init
    return self;

+ (id)localAlloc
    return [super allocWithZone: NULL];

- (id)localInit
    return [super init];

In code you can use the sharedSettings member, in IB you'd place an NSObject in your xib and change its instance type to LocalSettingsController (or in your case Preferences).

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