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How can we achieve following in canvas created through KineticJS.

Canvas and its containing shapes should fit into stage accordingly as the browser window changes size.

I have tried following in jsfiddle,

   var stage = new Kinetic.Stage({
          container: 'container',
          width: 800,
          height: 600

      var layer = new Kinetic.Layer();

      var rect = new Kinetic.Rect({
          x: 100,
          y: 100,
          width: 100,
          height: 50,
          fill: 'red',
          stroke: 'black',
          strokeWidth: 10

 var rect2 = new Kinetic.Rect({
          x: 150,
          y: 120,
          width: 100,
          height: 50,
          fill: 'green',
          stroke: 'black',
          strokeWidth: 10

      var onResize = function () {
          // browser viewport size
          var w = window.innerWidth;
          var h = window.innerHeight;

          // stage dimensions
          var ow = stage.getWidth(); // your stage width
          var oh = stage.getHeight(); // your stage height
          var keepAspectRatio = false;
          if (keepAspectRatio) {
              // keep aspect ratio
              var scale = Math.min(w / ow, h / oh);
              // adjust canvas size
              stage.setSize(ow * scale, oh * scale);

          } else {
              // scale to exact fit
              stage.setScale((w / ow), (h / oh));
              // adjust canvas size
              stage.setSize(stageWidth * getScaleX(), stageHeight * getScaleY());


          // update the stage

      window.onresize = function () {

resize jsfiddle reference

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You can catch the resize event and resize the Kinetic stage with setSize(width, height) to achieve the desired result. To match the height use a variant of window.innerHeight property.

window.onresize = function(){ ... }

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if the canvas has shapes in it, how can we make adjustments to those shapes as window resizes. –  gokul Jan 6 '14 at 7:18
It seems rather than resize, scaling is what your are after. In that case, use setScale(x,y) method –  Ani Jan 6 '14 at 14:41

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