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I have a touch screen kiosk that displays a webpage and a pdf document. Can I remove the menu bar? Users must not have "save", "print" and other such features.


random screenshot on flickr - I am refering to the print, back/forward, zoom bar that controls the PDF -- not the browser menu. Sorry for not beeing specific.

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OK - you should be able to set up most of that in the pdf document itself.

This is going from the menus in Acrobat Pro 9: File -> Properties -> Initial View

There are some options there for: Hide menu bar, tool bars, window controls

This has been around in acrobat for a while, so most version should do it.

It is alo possible to set these programmatically if you have the right libraries, but easiest to download a demo of acrobat.

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OpenOffice also has options to hide controls and forbid printing under:
File->Export as PDF->User Interface
Unfortunately, you can't modify current PDFs. You'll have to have a Word or OOorg document to export.

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You should really use PDF Open Parameters for this.

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Good discussion on using IE7 in Kiosk mode:

If Firefox is on option for you, see this plugin:


Real Kiosk is a Firefox 2.0 - 3.0 extension that defaults to full screen, disables all menus, toolbars, key commands and right button menus. Alt+Home still takes you home

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If you are running a machine with the .net framework you could throw together a windows forms app with an embedded web browser control, which gives you a little more control (how do they go back from pdf without a toolbar or a right click?)

But the quickest option that I have used (done a few touchscreens) is just using IE in kiosk mode, which is easily accomplished with command line switches, and setting that to run fullscreen on windows startup.

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u need pdf professional version to do that when you create the pdf file, File -- Properties -- Initial Vies check the "Hide menu bar" and "Hide tool bars" Save

Good Luck

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Or just use this open source component and get rid of acrobat reader

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If the browser is firefox look at kiosk mode plugins for it.

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