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I want to store dates in a 16 bit in a way like:

High Bytes: Y Y Y Y Y Y Y M Low Bytes: M M M D D D D D

Year (0 to 99) Month(1 to 12) Day (1 to 31)

But I don't really know how to start at all right now.

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((year - year0) << 9) + (month << 5) + day


year  = (date >> 9) + year0;
month = (date >> 5) & 15;
day   = date & 31;
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@yzt: Thanks for the year0 correction, but I like to keep my answers down to the bare essentials. –  Marcelo Cantos Dec 25 '13 at 9:24
Absolutely. It's your answer, with your name on it. I just thought it would help the OP more, seeing his/her apparent level of programming skills. –  yzt Dec 26 '13 at 1:54
(year<<9) | (month<<5) | day;
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