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I'm using the zk-ruby/zk library to connect to Zookeeper running on a EC2 instance. I've tried doing the following:

ZK.open('ec2-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.compute-1.amazonaws.com:[port]') do |zk|

I get a timeout error that looks like

[#<Zookeeper::ACLs::ACL:0x007fd864ee1c38 @perms=31, @id=#<Zookeeper::ACLs::Id:0x007fd864ee1d28 @scheme="world", @id="anyone">>], 0], not received within 30 seconds (Zookeeper::Exceptions::ContinuationTimeoutError)

I am able to ssh into this EC2 instance, start/stop Zookeeper, run the Zookeeper shell, etc. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas how to connect to a running Zookeeper instance on EC2 (via a remote client)? Should I change the security on my EC2 instance?

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