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Knockout bidning doesn'work. Can't access the "removeItem" function


<div data-bind="with: idea">
           <input type = "text"
            data-bind = 'value:itemToAdd' />
            <input type="button" data-bind="click:$parent.addItem" value="add" />
      <ul data-bind = "foreach:allItems">
              <span data-bind = "text:$data"></span>
              <input type="button" data-bind="click: $parents[1].removeItem"                 value="remove"/>   


var vm = {        
      idea: ko.observable({
          allItems: ko.observableArray(),
          itemToAdd : ko.observable("")
      addItem : function () {
        var item = this.itemToAdd();
      removeItem : function (data) {

jsFiddle here Would appreciate any help. Thank you!

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You can use bind function to assign appropriate value to this.

<input type="button" data-bind="click: $parents[1].removeItem.bind($parent, $data)" value="remove"/>   

First parameter of bind func is the object that will be bound to this, second parameter is the first argument of the target function.

Here is working fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/M2xDF/6/

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Thank you again, Artem! –  mk_yo Dec 25 '13 at 10:54

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