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There is a snippet from a XML file like this:


I want to replace all the number 90 with another number, e.g. 100. Using replace/all will ruin numbers like 190 and 901. rejoin replace/all parse str "<>," "91" "147" will eliminate the <>,. How can I do this?

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If your input is:

st1: "...<id>90,123</id>...<id>190</id>...<id>123,90</id>...<id>123,90,123</id>...<id>901</id>"

Then try this:

delimiter: charset ">,<"
s: copy ""
rule: [
    some [
        copy del1 delimiter "90"
        copy del2 delimiter (
            append s rejoin [del1 "100" del2]
        copy c skip (
            print "other char" append s c
parse st1 rule
print s

Will output:


This helped me find a Red bug as well :)

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Great! It solves my problem perfectly. Thanks a lot! Very happy to see that you found a Red bug by it. :) – Wayne Cui Dec 25 '13 at 14:43
Pattern matching. – Wayne Cui Feb 27 '14 at 9:18

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