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Please suggest the best way of solving memory leaks on the iphone. What is the best use of release, autorelease, retain and which cases do each apply?

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You can track memory leaks with Instruments: see this tutorial.

If you're familiar with Valgrind, you use it on x86 binaries built against the iPhone Simulator SDK: see how Landon Fuller does it.

EDIT: Another Stackoverflow answer suggests the Clang analyser: static analysis of the code may detect memory allocation errors as well. I never used this tool myself but it's good to know it's possible.

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+1: for suggesting Valgrind :D –  Kornel Kisielewicz Jan 16 '10 at 12:44

There's Apple's Instruments.app in your /Developer/Applications folder, which is intended to test appplications for leaks and other errors.

I believe you will find a good tutorial.

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Instruments is the way to go. It can tell you exactly which line leaked the memory. –  Mike Weller Jan 16 '10 at 12:42

Also see Apple's Introduction to Instruments User Guide.

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