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I had this problem since OS X Mountain Lion, and it remains after installing OS X Mavericks. When trying to use any App that requires my location, I am asked to enable Location Services. When I try to do so in System Preferences, I check the option and it immediately unchecks itself. (Note: I do have Wi-fi on).

The console reports the following, every time I try to check the option.

25/12/13 12:48:21.478 PM com.apple.preference.security.remoteservice[1595]: CoreLocation: CLInternalSetLocationServicesEnabled failed

Some users have attributed this problem to a faulty installation of iOS simulators via XCode. I have deleted XCode prior to the OS X Mavericks installation and it still does not work.

Does anyone have a clue of why this seems to happen?

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did you ever find out what the problem is? i'm seeing something similar: as soon as the checkbox is clicked, the entire entry disappears. i'm still trying to figure this out. –  hkatz Mar 26 '14 at 2:41
I am having a similar issue too.. Did u manage to figure out what went wrong? –  Shanti K Apr 30 '14 at 5:43

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