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I've already set

<property name="show_sql">false</property>

and I have disabled all messages in log4j.properties

But Hibernate write to console with all queries & statements.

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I'm having the same problem. I've set log4j.logger.org.hibernate=INFO and <property name="show_sql">false</property>, but I still get the hibernate SQL added to my log file. I've searched everything in my project for "show_sql" and "log4j" to find any other references, but there aren't any. Is there another way to turn on hibernate logging? –  Tauren Mar 2 '10 at 8:28
Sorry for the noise, but I was wrong -- doing the things I mentioned DO remove all SQL logging. I discovered that a 3rd-party library I am using has this line hard coded in it: System.out.println(hql); Yikes. –  Tauren Mar 2 '10 at 9:02

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Setting the hibernate.show_sql to true tells hibernate to Write all SQL statements to console. This is an alternative to setting the log category org.hibernate.SQL to debug.

So even if you set this property to false, make sure that you don't have the following category defined (or configured to use a console appender):


Also, make sure that you don't set the hibernate.show_sql programmatically to true when instancing your Configuration object. Hunt something like this:

Configuration cfg = new Configuration().configure().
    .setProperty("hibernate.show_sql", "true");

Note that the setProperty(String propertyName, String value) takes as first parameter the full name of a configuration property i.e. hibernate.show_sql, not just show_sql.

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@Pascal: see my comment to the question. Everything you've suggested, I've looked into. Do you have any other ideas? –  Tauren Mar 2 '10 at 8:28
I use logback (plus slf4j) and I added to my logback config file: <logger name="org.hibernate.type" level="ALL" /> <logger name="org.hibernate.SQL" level="WARN" /> <logger name="org.hibernate" level="DEBUG" /> –  ferrarimarco Mar 11 '14 at 14:31

You adding something like this to log4j.properties?

log4j.logger.org.hibernate = WARN
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It seems very strange, but when Use Eclipse with JUnit Test task, all output still goes to Console (in Eclipse Console window).

But when I use ant command for unit testing, nothing goes to console.

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HI there, i figured out you can solve this also with this 2 lines in your log4j.properties file.

log4j.logger.org.hibernate = WARN
log4j.logger.org.hibernate = ERROR
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