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I'm new to RequireJS and trying to load handlebars precompiled templates with RequireJS. It load the handlebars template and runtime but Handlebars runtime was undefined.

Folders structure

    |    |__jquery-1.10.1.min.js
    |    |__handlebars.runtime-v1.1.2.js
    |    |__require.js
    |    |__content.js
         |__content-tmpl.js     //handlebars precompiled template


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/lib/require.js" data-main="js/main"></script>
<div class="header"></div>
<div class="content"></div>


requirejs(['modules/content','jquery'],function (content,$) {




content-tmpl.js (Compiled Handlebars template)

define(['handlebars.runtime'], function (Handlebars) {

//Error raise here. Handlebars is undefined.

    Handlebars = Handlebars["default"];
    var template = Handlebars.template, templates = Handlebars.templates = Handlebars.templates || {};
    return templates['content'] = template(function (Handlebars, depth0, helpers, partials, data) {
        this.compilerInfo = [4, '>= 1.0.0'];
        helpers = this.merge(helpers, Handlebars.helpers);
        data = data || {};
        return "<div>\r\n    Hello Handlebars and RequireJS\r\n</div>";

Console Error

TypeError: Cannot read property 'default' of undefined
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Has anyone been able to find a solution to this issue? I am having the same problem and not sure what needs to happen. Sounds like a lot of people are running into this. –  sbay May 1 at 22:24
I also found requirejs hard to use with other libraries and vice-versa. That is why I created a library which is much easier to use and is tested with angular. There is a demo application at the bottom: gngeorgiev.github.io/Modulerr.js –  Georgi-it Aug 10 at 21:20

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My guess is that handlebars.runtime.js is not an AMD module, so you need to configure it using shim config. In your require.js config add

  shim: {
    "handlebars.runtime": {
      exports: "Handlebars"

This way, when you call require("handlebars.runtime"), require.js will know to grab window.Handlebars variable and pass it to you after the script has loaded.

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Handlebars 1.3 has an AMD version, so you should be able to require it directly now. –  RobW Jun 16 at 14:08

If you are using RequireJS, you should be including the AMD version of the runtime in which case no exporting is required.

    paths: {
        'handlebars.runtime': '//cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/handlebars.js/1.3.0/handlebars.runtime.amd.min'

Then when you want to access the Handlebars object (e.g. to register a helper).

require(['handlebars.runtime'], function(HandlebarsRuntime) {
    var Handlebars = HandlebarsRuntime.default;

You can see an example of an up-to-date application using compiled Handlebars templates and RequireJS at https://github.com/ryan-blunden/handlebars-requrejs

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