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I have an iframe which is something like this :

<iframe id="topic-content" name="topic-content" class="form-fields" ></iframe>

I'm able to get it in design mode and everything is working just fine. But the problem arises when i can't limit the length of text that should be in one line.

If i start typing in it, it continues taking everything in one single line. I've set the width and height of it, tried fixing the overflows -x and -y, but still not able to fix it.

Suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Load an existing file to the iframe, and use a contenteditable div instead of setting document.desingMode = 'on' in about:blank document. This way controlling styles within iframe is easier. –  Teemu Dec 25 '13 at 15:28

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Try contenteditable property of a div, it'll be much easier to style.

Reference link : contenteditable property

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