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I have a pretty large app, and I set it up with the aplication instance being persistent (android:persistent="true" in the manifest). I use that common application instance to share a bunch of variables and classes between all other activities and classes in the app. So, whenever an activity or service are launched, if the app isn't already running in the background, it's started, and all of those common variables are initialized.

I currently have a contact sync adapter in the app, and it's running on the same process as the app. But that causes problems when there are a very large number of contacts -- it causes the UI to freeze. So, I wanted to run the sync adapter in different process, but that makes it initialize another instance of the Application class, which is a huge waste of resources because some of the shared classes in the Application are pretty large, and do a bunch of work the first time they get initialized.

So, is there a way to have a service in my app that runs in a separate process, but doesn't invoke the second instance of the Application class? Or is there a way for me to find out in the aplication class which class is causing it to be launched (and that way I can initialize only the variables and classes that are essential to contact sync whenever it's spawned by the sync adapter)?

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