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I have a problem

My problem is I have a job(fetch crawler) that configurate to 10,that means my job will create 10 mapper for once .but my cluster configurate to 12

then all mapper will created in one single machine every time

How can I distribute all mapper to all machine homogeneous!

thanks very much

It is kind of like something mapper.per.node do ,but I hear some guy said that configuration was deleted. 1 when mapper.per.node was deleted? 2 How can i do now??

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Ideally you should be setting the value to the number of cores present on the node of the TaskTracker. So assuming you have 4 cores on each of the nodes and the job spawns 10 map tasks, the max number of map tasks that can run on the TaskTracker will be 4.

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I don't mean it,My point is ,just this job only have 10 mapper,May be there is other job will create mappers,, I mean ,,It is kind like mapper.per.node's business ,but i hear some guy said that configuration is be deleted. – Lucifer Dec 26 '13 at 1:50

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