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I scaled my canvas as following (in onDraw):

canvas.scale(mScaleFactor, mScaleFactor, mScaleFocusX, mScaleFocusY);

My onScale function is:

private float mScaleFactor = 1.f;

public boolean onScale(ScaleGestureDetector detector) {
    mScaleFactor *= detector.getScaleFactor();
    mScaleFocusX = detector.getFocusX();
    mScaleFocusY = detector.getFocusY();  
        // Don't let the object get too small or too large.
    mScaleFactor = Math.max(0.1f, Math.min(mScaleFactor, 5.0f));
    return true;

Now I get more points (using onTouchEvent) to create new path which eventually I want to draw. onTouchEvent gives me x and y but doesn't take into account that a scale occurred. How can I know where is the new position of x and y after the scaling?

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From your question it is not clear what you do with mScaleFactor, mScaleFocusX, mScaleFocusY when rendering you canvas.

But, basically you just need to reverse this process to calculate the original coordinates of the touch (or any other form of interaction).

So for example if you calculate the render coordinates like this:

float renderX = originalX * mScaleFactor + mScaleFocusX;
float renderY = originalY * mScaleFactor + mScaleFocusY;

so would need to use

float correctedTouchX = (touchX - mScaleFocusX) / mScaleFactor;
float correctedTouchY = (touchY - mScaleFocusY) / mScaleFactor;

to calculate the corrected (original) coordinates. If you use mScaleFactor, mScaleFocusX, mScaleFocusY in some other way, you need to reverse that.

UPDATE: It seems that Canvas.scale() first uses mScaleFocusX and mScaleFocusY to define a pivot point (i.e. offset) and then scale. So you probably need these formulas (maybe change a minus into a plus sign somewhere):

float correctedTouchX = touchX / mScaleFactor - mScaleFocusX;
float correctedTouchY = touchY / mScaleFactor - mScaleFocusY;
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I send those variables to canvas.scale.... I do not use them (currently) in any other way –  SharonKo Dec 25 '13 at 22:57
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