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What are the best cursor (mouse) tracking Javascript applications for web sites? To be stored in a database...

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What's going to be stored in the database? – Kaleb Brasee Jan 16 '10 at 14:37
the movements of the cursor (the coordinates) – ilhan Jan 16 '10 at 19:30
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I don't know that there is a pre-packaged general solution to this problem one-click away.

I would recommend picking a good Javascript framework (my personal favorite is MooTools, but jQuery is nice too). Both of these libraries provide nicer ways of handling mouse events in a cross-browser compatible manner.

My advice: Keep a queue of mouse events that you constantly push to a server via AJAX calls. The server-side script that answers the AJAX request can push the data into a database of your choosing.

Take a look at this nice MooTools library for handling advanced mouse gestures to get a good feel of how you might accomplish the mouse movement recording: Moousture.

Edit: After a little more Googling I also came across a MooTools Flashlight Effect which does almost exactly what you want. Instead of updating the position of the flashlight based on mouse movement, you would store the coordinates in a queue that gets pushed to a server later.

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Open Web Analytics is free open source web analytics software that provides mouse movement and click tracking. OWA's javascript tracker queues up the "domstream" and periodically pushes it to the server where it is stored in the database. You can then play back the recordings via the reporting interface. See a demo at: http://demo.openwebanalytics.com.

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