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I'm setting up a P2 themed (using Houston child theme) Wordpress. I want to accomplish the following but after hours and hours of searching I cannot figure out how to do this even though it seems like something that would be common.

Ideally, I would like a tag list in the sidebar with checkboxes for each tag. Only posts that match checked tags are displayed and it updates with Ajax rather than a page reload. It saves what you have checked to the user profile (page will require login).

I would settle for simply having a tag list/cloud that would update with Ajax if I could also have links that would display multiple tags. It's no problem if I have to hard code these tag-grouping links.

Basically I want users to control what posts they are interested in reading, the assumption is no one will be reading every post, just the tags that pertain to them.

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The best I was able to find was this plugin:

Cat + Tag Filter


And configuring it for checkboxes on tag. It doesn't reload with Ajax or remember what the user selected, but it does take you to a tag filtered page that you could bookmark.

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