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I have two console programs (ex. first - client, second - server). Do Windows have a command or resource to connect it?

Client ask question, Server answer.

Anyone encountered this problem? (just win)

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I didn't understood your question; what are you trying to accomplish and what language are you using? – Rubens Farias Jan 16 '10 at 14:59
I'm not writing a program. I have 2 *.exe, and they should work together. – TsimoX Jan 16 '10 at 18:24
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Windows have pipes :

dir | sort

| sends data from one program to another via usual IO.

Bidirectial transfers are not that simple, unfortunately.

If you need bi-dir, you'll have to mess around sockets and stuff.

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Client - Server is a programming model. As you are refering to programs and not scripts, this means you have to applications and you are simply have two corresponding windows instead of UI. You should look into interprocess communication, or tcp server-client, etc. in whichever lanuage you use.

//if I understood fully what you mean :)

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