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I have a form to upload video to youtube with zend gdata youtube. the problem is the action url of the form must be the url upload returned by youtube. and then I can not catch others form fields to store them in the database. even the next url returned only 2 vars. status and video id.

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Youtube Web services Example.

//Action in your Controller

public function testYoutubeAction(){
try{`enter code here`

$YouTube = new Zend_Gdata_Youtube();
//Get the specific video
$video = $YouTube->getVideoEntry("NwrL9MV6jSk");
$this->view->video = $video;
}catch(Zend Service_Exception $e)
  { throw $e; 

in test-youtube.phtml

h2>Favorite Video of All Time!</h2><br>
= $this->video->getVideoTitle();
= $this->video->getVideoWatchPageUrl();
$description = $this->video->getVideoDescription();
$thumbnails = $this->video->getVideoThumbnails();
$duration = $this->video->getVideoDuration();
$thumbnail = $thumbnails[1]['url'];
<tr><td><img src='<?php echo $thumbnail ?>' height=50 width=50></td>
<td valign="top"><a href='<?php echo $uri ?>'><?php echo $title ?></a><br>
Duration <?php echo $duration ?> sec</td>
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