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Is it possible to implement google style search on SQL server database on tables and columns? Some examples: I have 5 tables with 25 columns(each has 5 columns), I want to the search can across different tables and columns in one query

as sql serverl full-text search only limit on one table, not sure what's the solution if want to search across tables.

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Full text search is great for searching one table. If you have two or three+ tables you could...

  • union your queries (performance doubles every time you union)
  • refactor your database to one table.
  • Create an index table to query from, run t-sql every (x amount of min and repopulate your data from other tables)

If you don't have any authority to change the schema you could try Sphinx, or SOLR

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Good idea, thanks. – KentZhou Jan 18 '10 at 17:44

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