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I have this string:

mystring = 'Here is  some   text   I      wrote   '

How can I substituate the double, triple (...) whitespaces to just one whitespace so that I get:

mystring = 'Here is some text I wrote'


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You should probably say 'substitute multiple whitespace with a single space' since whitespace is a class of characters (tabs, newlines etc.) –  Noufal Ibrahim Jan 16 '10 at 16:15

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A simple possibility (if you'd rather avoid REs) is

' '.join(mystring.split())

The split and join perform the task you're explicitly asking about -- plus, they also do the extra one that you don't talk about but is seen in your example, removing trailing spaces;-).

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Oh cool, I was fumbling with a similar solution, but using split(' ') and then a filter to remove empty elements. I never knew split with no arguments worked like this. This is also much faster, timeit.py gives me around 0.74usec for this, versus 5.75usec for regular expressions. –  Roman Jan 16 '10 at 16:00
@Roman, yes, x.split() (and x.split(None)) splits on sequences of whitespace (including tabs, newlines, etc, like re's \s) of length 1+ -- and it's pretty fast indeed. So, always glad to help! –  Alex Martelli Jan 16 '10 at 16:25
Very! Nice :) solution –  Sangeeta Aug 4 at 8:17

For completeness, you can also use:

mystring = mystring.strip()  # the while loop will leave a trailing space, 
                  # so the trailing whitespace must be dealt with
                  # before or after the while loop
while '  ' in mystring:
    mystring = mystring.replace('  ', ' ')

which will work quickly on strings with relatively few spaces (faster than re in these situations).

In any scenario, Alex Martelli's split/join solution performs at least as quickly (usually significantly more so).

In your example, using the default values of timeit.Timer.repeat(), I get the following times:

str.replace: [1.4317800167340238, 1.4174888149192384, 1.4163512401715934]
re.sub:      [3.741931446594549,  3.8389395858970374, 3.973777672860706]
split/join:  [0.6530919432498195, 0.6252146571700905, 0.6346594329726258]


Just came across this post which provides a rather long comparison of the speeds of these methods.

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string.replace("  ","")

All even number of spaces are eliminated

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That would cause an error if you only had two spaces and wouldn't completely fix the problem. –  parap Mar 11 at 5:41
import re

re.sub( '\s+', ' ', mystring ).strip()

this will also substitute all tabs, newlines and other "whitespace-like" characters.

the strip() in the end will cut off any trailing whitespaces, as you requested.

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