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I have defined new method in IFoo:

List<string> GetChatSubjects(string siteId);

and defined this method in FooReferece.svc.cs

public List<string> GetChatSubjects(string siteId)
  return List<string>;

When I try to get this reference only

  • void GetChatSubjectsAsync();
  • EventHandler GetChatSubjectsCompleted();

methods are shown in my service reference. I need GetChatSubjects() method which return List. I need method's itself. Why only listed methods are shown above?

By the way, my project in Silverlight.

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You can easily get List<string> using GetChatSubjectAsync method. Just use await keyword (don't forget to use async on your method declaration as well). –  MarcinJuraszek Dec 26 '13 at 7:28

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WEll because Silverlight supports only async calls. The reason is that silverlight runs on the browser UI thread. and sync call will block the UI till the callback is received.

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