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It isn't a coding question(I think :)). I have read manual about how to add bootstrap in to my FireFox extension, but what doing next?

I added bootstrap.js, modify install.rdf, what to do next? What I need to do wiith my files in content folder?

My extension structure:


I written FireFox extension that's need browser restart, but restart isn't needed for extension work. I want remove that action, and I found something about bootstrap.

I think, now I need manually (un)register my windows, overlays, locales, where read about that?

Please, give me more info, url, links, how to modify my extension into bootstrapped.

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I can't believe in a fact, that nobody doesn't knows anything about that :D –  Alexandr Dec 26 '13 at 13:22

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Some chrome.manifest directives, e.g. chrome, skin, locale, are supported in bootstrapped extensions, so nothing special you need to do there.

Overlays are not supported, however. You need add some code that will use the DOM APIs to manually insert and/or change elements you normally would have in your overlay. The "Further reading" section of the docs you already linked contains some stuff. Most bootstrapped add-ons I encountered use some variation of the watchWindows stuff.

It might be also helpful to look at real world examples, such as Restartless Restart (which happens to be rather small, and easy enough to understand).

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