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i'm recently started playing with rxjava-scala, and I wanted to create a (possibly) infinite stream observable. looking at the code and open issues on github, i found out that an "out of the box" solution is unimplemented yet (usecase06 in the issue says it's not even implemented for java).

so, i tried to come up with my own implementation. consider the following:

def getIterator: Iterator[String] = {
  def fib(a: BigInt, b: BigInt): Stream[BigInt] = a #:: fib(b, a + b)
  fib(1, 1){bi =>
    s"next fibonacci: ${bi}"

and a helper method:

def startOnThread(body: => Unit): Thread = {
  val t = new Thread {
    override def run = body

and the example core:

val observable: Observable[String] = Observable(
  observer => {
    var cancelled = false
    val fs = getIterator
    val t = startOnThread{
      while (!cancelled) {observer.onNext(}
    Subscription(new rx.Subscription {
      override def unsubscribe() = {
        cancelled = true

val observer = Observer(new rx.Observer[String]{
  def onNext(args: String) = println(args)
  def onError(e: Throwable) = logger.error(e.getMessage)
  def onCompleted() = println("DONE!")

val subscription = observable.subscribe(observer)

this seems to work fine, but i'm not happy with this. first of all, i'm creating a new Thread, which could be bad. but even if i use some kind of thread pool, it would still feel wrong. so i'm thinking i should use a scheduler, which sounds like a proper solution, only i can't figure out how to use it in such a scenario. i tried suppling rx.lang.scala.concurrency.Schedulers.threadPoolForIO in the observeOn method, but it seems like i'm doing it wrong. observable's code won't compile with it. any help would be greatly appreciate. thanks!

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First of all, there are already adapters to convert Iterable to Observable: "from" function.

Seconds, iterator wont return control, so your Sleep and unsubscribe wont be called. You need to execute subscription operation in a dedicated thread "subscribeOn(NewThreadScheduler())"

def getIterator: Iterator[String] = {
  def fib(a: BigInt, b: BigInt): Stream[BigInt] = a #:: fib(b, a + b)
  fib(1, 1){bi =>
    s"next fibonacci: ${bi}"

val sub = Observable.from(getIterator.toIterable)
println("fib complete")
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this indeed sounds like a proper solution. one thing though: you said "Seconds, iterator wont return control...", but i does. the loop is executed on a different thread. but your code looks much better :) – gilad hoch Apr 24 '14 at 11:38

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