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Please share problems faced by you as

[1] A Developer writing software FOR Vista.

[2] A Developer writing software ON Vista.

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[2]: One thing which is a pain is having to run Visual Studio as Administrator (under UAC) when working against a local IIS.

"To access local IIS Web sites, you must run Visual Studio in the context of an administrator account. By default, Windows runs applications in a limited-rights user account even when you are logged on to the computer as an administrator."

It's a bit of a pain having to do so each time, and annoying if/when you forget, especially when you're used to easily working with IIS (under Windows Server 2003 and XP). UAC is a bit of a pain in general when developing on Vista.

EDIT: Thought I'd mention..

[1]: I think the biggest challenges for developers modifying their software to run on Vista has come from Vista basically enforcing Logo certification requirements (to a degree) including some big considerations:

  • Don't write to HKLM
  • Don't save application data under the Program Files directory
  • Don't assume administrative permissions
  • Do save data to the user's application data directory
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    The Logo certification requirements are just good coding practices in general though, no? –  user15071 Oct 16 '08 at 10:21
    I agree 100%. An XP Logo Certified application shouldn't have had too many issues running on Vista –  RobS Oct 16 '08 at 11:06

    The UAC (user access control) means that a lot of actions are restricted by default, e.g. writing to certain parts of the registry, write access to certain folders e.g. Program Files.

    So our programs needed to be modified to cope with this.

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    Your programs probably shouldn't have been doing those things anyway; XP systems with those things locked down are not common but they do exist. –  Mark Baker Oct 16 '08 at 9:26
    Yes, this is true :-) –  RickL Oct 16 '08 at 11:59

    Developing ON Vista:

    Older versions of Visual Studio run badly if at all.

    Being unable to automatically register COM components during the build process or copy files to the windows install drive without running as Administrator is annoying.

    Developing FOR Vista:

    Also, developing extensions for Internet Explorer is a real PITA. Since IE runs in protected mode by default to develop an extension that accesses anything outside of IE you have to use an external broker with an elevation policy and proxy those transactions through the broker. Considering all of the crap that is spread from IE plugins this makes good sense, but it doesn't make it any less of a pain :P

    Other than that no real problems.

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    I had trouble with some embedded tools from QNX. These tried to write temporary files to C:\

    That failed because the programs were not allowed to write to this location. It was a major PITA until I found out how to run the tools with administrator rights.

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    Simple one related to registry access was annoying to me. Under the default privileges you can't create an Event Log.

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    Nothing in particular directly related to programming on Vista. However, some of the apps I've been involved with access network drives and we see a lot of issues with network drives either operating extremely slow or just disappearing from Vista. Same site with Windows XP has zero problems.

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