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We have a git repository with custom gem. To install it Gemfile has a line:

gem 'my-gem', :git => 'git@'

After intalling gem, it is not shown in RubyMine`s External libraries.

How to make RubyMine be shown in External libraries and so autocomplete code from gem?

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We get this error as well, so it's probably a bug in RubyMine. A workaround is to check out that gem repo and tell bundler to use it. Note that the remote repository will not be used anymore.

bundle config local.my-gem /path/to/my-gem/
bundle install

Then open my-gem by adding it to your existing window in rubymine as explained here. This made forward navigation and code completion work for us.

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Thanx! It helped! – AleSmol Apr 16 '14 at 7:39

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