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Are there any free or low priced (max. 200 USD) tools to build a WebHelp package out of existing markdown / html files?

I looked up
Help and Manual
Madcap Flare
Adobe Robohelp
and some other help creating systems. Most of them seem to do what we need but we have to switch from markdown to a somehow proprietary solution and we need to spent money we don't have at the moment.

Docbook seems to be able to do what we need but we will have to maintain the documentation in docbook instead of our mardown documents...

Any ideas for tools, converters appreciated. Also an alternative which provides a seo friendly, tree structured and searchable set of documents created from markdown would help us.

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I suppose you are referring to this format?

You can use Pandoc to convert Markdown to Docbook

pandoc -S -s -t docbook -o source.xml

and then use the Docbook source with Docbook XSL to generate web help.

Pandoc can also generate HTML files directly, though I'm not sure how compatible they will be with your intended final format.

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