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i'm tryng to install rJava library but it doesn't work. My Java version is java version "1.6.0_33"

this is my R CMD javareconf output:

Java interpreter : /usr/bin/java
Java version     : 1.6.0_33
Java home path   : /usr/lib64/jvm/java-1.6.0-sun-1.6.0/jre
/usr/lib64/gcc/x86_64-suse-linux/4.8/../../../../lib64/crt1.o: nella funzione "_start":
/home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/glibc-2.18/csu/../sysdeps/x86_64/start.S:118: riferimento non definito a "main"
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Java compiler    : not functional
Java headers gen.: /usr/bin/javah
Java archive tool: /usr/bin/jar

trying to compile and link a JNI progam 
detected JNI cpp flags    : -I/usr/lib64/jvm/java-1.6.0-sun-1.6.0/jre
detected JNI linker flags : -L$(JAVA_HOME)/lib/amd64/server -ljvm
gcc -std=gnu99 -I/usr/lib64/R/include -DNDEBUG -I/usr/lib64/jvm/java-1.6.0-sun-1.6.0/jre -I/usr/local/include    -fpic  -fmessage-length=0 -grecord-gcc-switches -fstack-protector -O2 -Wall -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -funwind-tables -fasynchronous-unwind-tables  -c conftest.c -o conftest.o
gcc -std=gnu99 -shared -L/usr/local/lib64 -o conftest.so conftest.o -L/usr/lib64/jvm/java-1.6.0-sun-1.6.0/jre/lib/amd64/server -ljvm -L/usr/lib64/R/lib -lR

JAVA_HOME        : /usr/lib64/jvm/java-1.6.0-sun-1.6.0/jre
Java library path: $(JAVA_HOME)/lib/amd64/server
JNI cpp flags    : -I/usr/lib64/jvm/java-1.6.0-sun-1.6.0/jre
JNI linker flags : -L$(JAVA_HOME)/lib/amd64/server -ljvm
Updating Java configuration in /usr/lib64/R

now when i try to install rJava i obtain this error:

configure: loading site script /usr/share/site/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
checking for gcc... gcc -std=gnu99
checking whether the C compiler works... yes
checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out
checking for suffix of executables... 
checking whether we are cross compiling... no
checking for suffix of object files... o
checking whether we are using the GNU C compiler... yes
checking whether gcc -std=gnu99 accepts -g... yes
checking for gcc -std=gnu99 option to accept ISO C89... none needed
checking how to run the C preprocessor... gcc -std=gnu99 -E
checking for grep that handles long lines and -e... /usr/bin/grep
checking for egrep... /usr/bin/grep -E
checking for ANSI C header files... yes
checking for sys/wait.h that is POSIX.1 compatible... yes
checking for sys/types.h... yes
checking for sys/stat.h... yes
checking for stdlib.h... yes
checking for string.h... yes
checking for memory.h... yes
checking for strings.h... yes
checking for inttypes.h... yes
checking for stdint.h... yes
checking for unistd.h... yes
checking for string.h... (cached) yes
checking sys/time.h usability... yes
checking sys/time.h presence... yes
checking for sys/time.h... yes
checking for unistd.h... (cached) yes
checking for an ANSI C-conforming const... yes
checking whether time.h and sys/time.h may both be included... yes
configure: checking whether gcc -std=gnu99 supports static inline...
checking whether setjmp.h is POSIX.1 compatible... yes
checking whether sigsetjmp is declared... yes
checking whether siglongjmp is declared... yes
checking Java support in R... present:
interpreter : '/usr/bin/java'
archiver    : '/usr/bin/jar'
compiler    : '/usr/bin/javac'
header prep.: '/usr/bin/javah'
cpp flags   : '-I/usr/lib64/jvm/java-1.6.0-sun-1.6.0/jre'
java libs   : '-L/usr/lib64/jvm/java-1.6.0-sun-1.6.0/jre/lib/amd64/server -ljvm'
checking whether Java run-time works... yes
checking whether -Xrs is supported... yes
checking whether JNI programs can be compiled... yes
checking JNI data types... 
configure: error: One or more JNI types differ from the corresponding native type. You may need to use non-standard compiler flags or a different compiler in order to fix this.
ERROR: configuration failed for package ‘rJava’
* removing ‘/home/nico/R/x86_64-suse-linux-gnu-library/3.0/rJava’
Warning in install.packages :
  installation of package ‘rJava’ had non-zero exit status

what is the problem? in R CMD javareconf seems that java compiler and java home path has some problems. looking into other posts seems that i need to use export command with path /usr/lib64/jvm/java-1.6.0-sun-1.6.0/jre to set into linux env JAVA_HOME variable but this doesn't solve the problem.

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You can try to run ./configure manually, check what went wrong in config.log (towards the end), and try to reproduce the problem: either the compilation of a test program failed, or that program could not be run. The last time I installed rJava on Suse I had a similar error message: it was due to libjvm.so not being found. If that is your problem, you can add the directory containing it to LD_LIBRARY_PATH or, if you have root access, to /etc/ld.so.conf (in the latter case, you also need to run ldconfig). –  Vincent Zoonekynd Dec 26 '13 at 14:18
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