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This code (based on this code):

    drawCircle = (context) ->
        pos = 0.5
        radius = 0.5
        context.scale(0.05, -0.05)
        context.arc(pos, pos, radius, 0, 2*Math.PI, false)
        context.fillStyle = 'white'

    m = new THREE.SpriteCanvasMaterial( {program: drawCircle } )
    s = new THREE.Sprite( m )

returns an error

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'x' of undefined. 

In Three.js: line 36534:

    _gl.uniform2f( uniforms.uvScale, material.uvScale.x, material.uvScale.y );

It seems that the material uvScale and uvOffset properties are not properly initialized... Why ? If I set those properties myself:

    m.uvScale = new THREE.Vector2()
    m.uvOffset = new THREE.Vector2()

Errors disappear but I can't see the particles (I don't know where to draw in the canvas, and why should I scale it).

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You are using a material which is meant for canvas2D in the webglrenderer. You should either use the canvasrenderer or use a different material (SpriteMaterial).

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