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I am running a script which is using tee command to log the output to screen and also to a file. Script is as follows:
while [ $count -le 10 ]
  echo "`date` : Function call, loopcount - $count" | tee -a logfile.log
  count=$( $count + 1 )

The fucntioncall() function is defined in the same script.


<some processing>
cd $Location
<some processing>

When I run, this script runs successfully, but only one entry is made in the logfile.log, for the first run, whereas in the output screen I can see that the loop is running for 10 times with correct loopcount incremented and displayed, but the entry in the logfile.log is not done.

When I comment line cd $Location in the script it behaves as desired, means both O/P and logfile.log show the correct loopcount.

Any idea why this undefined behavior is observed? Any fix/workaround is greatly appreciated!

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Look for a logfile.log in $Location. – Mat Dec 26 '13 at 11:34
Thanks @Mat ! I'll got it during debugging using pushd and popd option, figured out the logical error – pRAShANT Dec 26 '13 at 11:37
Also, did you mean while [ $count -le 10 ] ? – anishsane Dec 26 '13 at 12:46
@anishsane: Thanks! for the input, I did mistake in the post, now corrected it. – pRAShANT Dec 26 '13 at 14:09
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When you change directory it is changed. Which means that tee will write to a new file.

Possible solutions:

  • instead of tee -a logfile.log use tee -a <absolute_path_to_current_directory>/logfile.log
  • move the whole tee outside the loop:

    done | tee logfile.log # bonus - you don't need -a here
  • return to initial location after cd. Which should be actually done with pushd and popd

  • do not do cd in main shell. Do all processing in subshell:

    (cd $location;
        <some processing>)

I myself prefer the last one.

On the other hand (and that might be even better) - rewrite the processing to avoid cd at all.

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