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I am building a backbone application, there are many modules so it should be complex to routing.

my routes are vary dynamic.

   "groups/:gid/:section/:query": "accessApp"
    //query is dynamic url has several parts

   if(mod ==" task")
      //lets handle query by task router
   else( mod == "event")
       // handle query using events router


I would like to handle query with the respective router,

is it possible to handle some part of url with other router?

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You have to change the order of the url parts like groups/:section/:gid/:query and then declare multiple routers :

// TaskRouter
routes: {
   "groups/task/:gid/:query": "yourFunction"


// EventRouter
routes: {
   "groups/event/:gid/:query": "yourFunction"

and don't forget to instantiate all your routers :

new TaskRouter();
new EventRouter();
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