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Let's say, I have a User model in Laravel like this:

class User extends Eloquent implements UserInterface, RemindableInterface {

    public static $rules = array(
        'email' => 'required|email',
        'password' => 'required|min:8|confirmed',
        'password_confirmation' => 'required|min:8'



Rules, stored in model, will be reused both for login and register forms but problem occurs when there's no need for password confirmation (e.g. login form). And there could be many such situations where the rules should be changed.

So, is there any pure method how to modify model-stored validation rules for different cases in Laravel? Do I have to reorganize my rule storage approach at all?


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You can add rules dynamically when you needed.

For example:

if i am right, you only need password_confirmation rule during register an user and when update a password. So, in your model, do not add password_confirmation rule .

public static $rules = array(
        'email' => 'required|email',
        'password' => 'required|min:8|confirmed'


How to add rule dynamically:

To register an user, password_confirmation field is required. So, from your controller, you can always add rules like the following:

$rules = User::$rules;

$rules['password_confirmation'] = 'required|min:8';

and Sometimes you may need to add rules based on user input.

for example:

if user select Australia as country they must select an state.

$v = Validator::make($data, $rules ));
$v->sometimes('state', 'required', function($input)
   return $input->country == 'Australia';
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Thanks for your answer! Dynamical adding of rules is great idea, however it does not provide a possibility to add/remove specific rules for specific fields! For example, the field password has rule confirmed (defined in model) but this rule must be removed when password confirmation is not needed! –  arnisritins Dec 26 '13 at 15:13
You can't add or remove specific rules, but you can set the rule over again before you use it. $rules['password'] = 'required|min:8'; –  user1669496 Dec 27 '13 at 13:19

I do something like this.

In the Model:

public static $rules = [
    'create' => [
        'first_name' => 'min:3',
        'last_name'  => 'min:3',
        'email'      => 'required|email|unique:users',
        'password'   => 'required|min:5|confirmed'
    'edit'   => [
        'first_name' => 'other',
        'last_name'  => 'other',
        'email'      => 'other',
        'password'   => 'other|min:5'

In the Controller:

$validator = Validator::make( $input, User::$rules['edit'] ); # Or User::$rules['create']

if ( $validator->fails() ) { code }
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Late to the game but per Laravel docs you can use a 'sometimes' rule.


In brief: In some situations, you may wish to run validation checks against a field only if that field is present in the input array. To quickly accomplish this, add the sometimes rule to your rule list:

    'password_confirmation' => 'sometimes|required|min:8|confirmed'
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