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I've just made a game in netbeans. The Problem is that after builting the game. I'm not able to execute the jar file and getting the exception: Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from Game.jar

What to do???

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For a JAR to be self-executable, you have to include the Main-Class line in a manifest.

I'm not a NetBeans user, but this is how it's done.

Create a file:

Main-Class: YourGame

Build the jar: jar cmf Game.jar path/to/classes/*.class

You should now be able to to double-click on the JAR to run it (assuming Windows), or you can run it via the command line:

java -jar Game.jar

Of course, you can always run from the command line without the need for a manifest:

java -cp .;Game.jar YourGame

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Good explanation! I'd just like to emphasize that 'YourGame' is the fully qualified classname, iaw most likely my.pckg.containing.YourGame or so. And if the game depends on other libraries, you can not use the -cp parameter in conjunction with -jar - it's almost always better to start the app with Matt's second suggestion. – Andreas_D Jan 16 '10 at 21:02

The Main-Class attribute needs a new line after it in order to be parsed correctly.

Show your,

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Edit manifest file as proposed by others, or in NetBeans just right-click the project (in sidebar), select Properties, category Run and hit Browse... next to Main Class.

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