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I'm trying to write a simple bootloader. So, I switched into Protected Mode, jumped to .code32 and trying to jump to ELF file, linked by ld. ld puts .ELF (7F 45 4C ...) into the begging of the file. Bochs interprets it as jnle .+69 command, so it is not that result, which I was wainting. How can I put entry point in the very beggining of the file?

There is a linker.ld script:

ENTRY (boot)

    .boot   ALIGN(0x1000)   :   {   bootstrap.o(.text)   }
    .text   ALIGN(0x1000)   :   {   *(.text)    }
    .rodata ALIGN(0x1000)   :   {   *(.rodata)  }
    .data   ALIGN(0x1000)   :   {   *(.data)    }
    .bss    ALIGN(0x1000)   :   {   *(.bss)     }
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You can't just jump to the first byte of an ELF file. You need to interpret the ELF file, set up the proper segments according to the descriptions in it, find the proper entry point, and jump to that. –  twalberg Dec 26 '13 at 15:25
Could you give a link to a simple interpreter (parser) of ELF? –  Vanzef Dec 26 '13 at 15:34

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In order to execute an ELF binary, you must read the data from the file and interpret it accordingly. A description of this can be found in this PDF.

The ELF is a header which contains information about the various sections of the file and how to set them up. After performing all the neccessary steps, you can jump to the entry point, which is also found in that header.

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