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We have an index on first name of patients


One of our services finds patients whose name starts with say XYZ(case insensitive):

match (n:Patient) where n.FIRST_NAME=~'(?i)XYZ.*' return n

We have billions of Patient nodes. I am not sure if the index is used at all for this.

Is there a way to leverage the Lucene index and execute this any faster ? We are open to using Java API for this too.

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The index would not be used for that, yet. Currently, the new label-based indexes can only do exact lookups. You could still use a legacy index or a legacy auto-index, and use the START clause to do this sort of thing, with the full-text style lucene syntax, instead of regex. If you're using REST, see an example to create an automatic node full-text index here:

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We are embedding graph behind a thrift server. Finished coding the search using IndexManager and Index<Node>. Its not a lot of code and was pretty straight forward. Performance is kickass thanks to Lucene and caching. – Debajyoti Roy Dec 30 '13 at 22:20

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