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I've installed the android studio (0.4) on my ubuntu machine. Trying to run a "hello world" application I got the follwing error message:

Execution failed for task ':myApp:validateDebugSigning'. Unable to recreate missing debug keystore.

The ~/.android/ doesn't contain any keystore file.

Does anybody know how I can resolve that issue?

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Please post your build.gradle file. – Scott Barta Dec 28 '13 at 18:59

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If you set the ANDROID_SDK_HOME environment variable (if not, to ~/.android/ by default), Android Studio, Eclipse are based on this variable for debug.keystore and AVD configuration and files(PATH:$ANDROID_SDK_HOME/.android/).

If set, you can move ~/.android/ to $ANDROID_SDK_HOME/.

If debug.keystore does not exist, Android Studio will automatically create it, please keep $ANDROID_SDK_HOME/.android/ writable, or they can be created by keytool command。

I finished the above content with the aid of translation tools.

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Sorry but I do not understand the answer above, can someone explain me how to solve that issue ? I am also new to Android and I do not know what to do...

Thank you for your help


For information, I found how to solve this.

If like me, you have no debug.keystore in your ~/.android folder and you receive the same message as above, you can solve this by changing the security permission of your folder. By giving it a read/write, Android studio was able to run the application correctly. Hope this could help someone...

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